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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, violence breaking out at the candle light vigil in baltimore. five people, four women v been shot at the corner of north and fulton avenues. the crowd gathered to remember jermaine scofield. the murder victim's mother had begged for police, and police continue to search for the gunman at this hour. violence on the metro, and metro transit police are asking for your help
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suspect in an assault on a train. police are looking for the man there in the orange shirt. he's wanted for attacking the passenger, and this video has been widely sirlated on social media tonight. the attack was shortly after noon today. if you have any information to help identify the person, you're asked to call police. glad you're with us. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm jan jeffco. after a weekend of confrontation, more protests tonight in several u.s. cities, and this is atlanta and chicago. so far no one has been arrested and we are told they have mostly been peaceful. >> thousands of people gathered at dallassy city hall to honor the five police officers kill in the line of duty. >> they were fathers, sons, and husbands. >> the funerals for the murdered ofce
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this week tonight, one of the most popular radio stations in dc stopped playing music for 2 hours and instead talked about policing, and wusa 9's ellison barber was there. >> reporter: he said he would focus on the solutions. >> i have eight boys i have raised, and the late zest 18. the things going on out here, you can't be stopped by the police without being harassed. i don't feel there's a resolution to this. >> reporter: for 2 hours the station that prides itself on playing 18 jams in a row turned the music off. >> it's a special edition of yo listen up. >> we are broadcasting live. >> reporter: instead it was this. >> we are talking about solutions. >> reporter: the discussion with powerful figures. >> when police
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good times, they can better work with each other, and when there's a challenging time. >> reporter: and regular people. >> what is the proper protocol that a citizen needs to do so that they don't encounter a vient situation with officers. >> reporter: about recent shootings involving police and the members of the community. >> the police officers who lost their lives in the dallas killings, this is just has got to stop. >> reporter: they talked about a the legislation. >> we also want to take away some of building up on ticket upon ticket. >> if a police officer is giving you $1,000 of tickets, guess what? that's not a good interaction. >> people listened. >> i see the second cop pull up, and i'm going to jail. no question when two cars pull up. the first one, okay, i get through this, i'm good. the second? i'm gone. >> reporter: for many it's not enough, but most say it's a start. >> i don't have a solution, but within the conversations, there was a mirror
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could be considered. >> opportunities for conversation. >> reporter: and now there were at least 50 people here in this building listening to the panel discussion live, and surely a lot more were listening in their cars and online. i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. a dallas trauma surgeon who was on the team that worked to save the lives of the officers said the country needs honest talk in order to heal. >> an emotional brian williams here telling reporters he understands the outrage out there, but he says the police are not the problem. >> i understand the anger and the frustration and distrust of law enforcement, but they are not the problem. the problem is the lack of open discussions about the impact of race relations in the country, and i think about it
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here at midnight it weighed on my mind constantly. this killing, it has to stop. we have to come together. >> president obama and former president george w. bush will be in dallas to speak at a memorial for the fallen officers. tonight we are hearing from the father of dallas shooter micah johnson. jane johnson told the website the blaze his son wanted to be a police officer when he was growing up and said he is devastated by what happened. >> i don't know what to say. -- to anybody to make anything better. i didn't see
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>> family said they noticed a big change in their son when he left the army. he went from a fun-loving extrovert to a hermit. police are investigating a michigan shooting that left two bailiffs and the gunman dead. it was an attempted jail break at the mary your county courthouse, and the sheriff says an inmate being moved to a holding cell disarmed the officer and fatally shot the two bailiffs. a deputy and citizen were wounded. the inmate was killed by responding officers. eric garner's family released the song "i can't breathe." he died in staten island 2 years ago after officers attempted to arrest him where they said he was illegally selling cigarettes. ♪ i can't hear my brother. i can't breathe ♪ >> a medical examiner said a police choke hold contributed to his death. the grand
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indict the officers, and they received nearly $6 million in the wrongful death claim. tracking metro tonight, get ready for another week of shutdowns. the fourth week of massive repair plans, and this is going to continue to impact reagan international airport. more from arlington, virginia, talking to the thousands of commuter, mola, who have to find an alternative because the route is shutdown. >> the food news this is the last time metro is expected to shut down. at least until october, and as it has before over the last couple of weeks this effort here is in effect because some disruption, riders said at least they know. >> reporter: metro is not assuming anything, like maybe you have already heard about their safe track
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project. although it's been under way for a month, workers are handing out information about a disruption that may be helping a station near you. >> it may help the confused people. >> reporter: the often inconvenient maintenance effort, the west part is often the communication. >> this is basically happening all the time, but it wasn't planned, and you had no idea why or what was going on. you were sitting in stations. >> if you don't know, now you know. starting next monday, the blue and yellow lines will be closed. the two stations will be open, but the crystal city stop in between will be closed. >> it will affect my work a lot this is the main station i go to. i have to use the buses. >> it will be harder to get to work, but i will try to take one of the shuttles they have. if it's too crowded, i will walk. >> reporter: this gw student from china typically relies on the crystal city station to get to work and school. >> i can go through pentagon city, and i can get er
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too far for you? >> 10 minutes. >> reporter: there will be three different shuttles to get people around. one back and forth to pentagon city. the other from pentagon city to crystal city to the airport and back. there will be a shuttle directly to the pentagon. >> i'm glad they are fixing things, and i hope it actually gets fixed. >> reporter: well, those free shuttles will pick people up here at the usual metro bus stop, and that is near the entrance to the crystal city metro station at 18th street and bell street. i'm mola lenghi. >> fortunately just for another week. thank you. if you have not already, make sure to download the wusa 9 app. you will get the best way around the shutdowns 24/7. police have been canvassing the bloomingdale neighborhood in the northwest. 27-year-old seth rich was shot to death early yesterday while walking home. police are look
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possibility his murder is connected to recent robberies in the neighborhood. >> this quarter right here, all the way around flagler, two or three blocks, and that's where the crime has been concentrated. in the last few months we have had carjacking and robberies. >> neighbors say broken street lights add to the problem. u.s. park police identify one of two people killed when the car plunged into the potomac river. search teams found the bodies of goodman and a second person in the submerged car. police are investigating to find out what happened. all the cases you have seen over the last couple of years, we went up to rice and garner and i mean killed live on camera, and it's
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and everyone walks. you know, it definitely can weigh on you. >> a week after a controversial facebook posting that could cost him his job adc firefighter is standing by his message. a maryland girl pulls in a fish that weighs more than she does. it turns out she had a little help from a friend. pretty quiet tuesday morning, not quite as cool as this morning, and here's the wakeup weather. 64 to 72 to start. mainly in the 70s by 9:00, and warm by noon. temperatures climbing low to mid-80s. we will come back with the yellow weather alerts it's a great day
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new tonight, we hear from a dc firefighter in trouble for a facebook post. norman brooks said racist police deserve to be shot. pete, is his job on the line? >> reporter: he lawyered up, and he said the shooting of alton sterling prompted his post. it was deleted, but the damage control is just getting started. >> of course i want to keep my job.
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veteran at dc engine 23, norman brooks is used to putting out fires, but this is one of a different kind. >> it's the case where most people, they respond to something that is horrific and horrible to watch, and sometimes you don't choose your words as carefully as you should have. >> reporter: after seeing video of alton sterling death, brooks took to facebook and said citizens should take the law into their own hands and target the racist cops, and he said the pigs in baton rouge deserve nothing short of the bullet in their head. >> all the cases trayvon martin up to eric rice and eric garner, getting killed live on camera with a choke hold, and everyone walked? that can definitely weigh on you. >> reporter: now it's weighing on his employer. dc fire put brooks on desk duty, and they are investigating
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social media policy. donald temple is now his lawyer. >> you're concerned about equal treatment and the protection of his constitutional rights. >> reporter: brooks said he was exercising his right to free speech, and he says he has police in his family. >> reporter: what about you going to a call and you have to work with the police. do you think it changes anything? >> i have a great relationship with every police officer i have ever worked with. i don't think it will change anything, because my comments were not directed to the police officers. >> reporter: brooks did say please share at the end of the post, but he said it was on his private page, and he thinks someone took a screen shot of it and then shared it, and he says he has nothing to say to that person. >> pete, thank you. by the way, he's a married father of two. will tomorrow be the day hillary clinton and bernie sas
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the clinton campaign says sanders will endorse her tomorrow around 11:00 a.m. donald trump delegates in virginia, they don't have to vote for him at next week's convention. the law said they are required to vote for whoever wins the primary, but the federal judge said it violates free speech and political association, and the case was brought by beau corral who says trump is unfit to serve as president. it's only been available a few days, but now the pokemon go app has gone extremely viral. the goal is to catch and train virtual creatures of pokemon. tremendous use of your time. with the new app they appear to be among us in the real world. gamers are wandering neighborhoods across the area looking for them, presenting real
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don't catch and drive. look around when walking through town, and then get this, in missouri, three teenagers are charged with luring pokemon go players to a spot where they robbed them at gunpoint. don't look now, adam, but it appears a pokemon character made it right into our studio. go catch that thing. >> the shark here. over to social media, people are going crazy over the game. ''i had to call airport ops earlier because there was a wild pigey flying around the airport." >> you can't have a pigey. >> when you try to grocery shop, but pokemon go is live. >> justine, i have been trying to get travis to go on a walk with me for 5 years, thanks to pokemon go, travis has officially taken his fi
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are about pokemon go, but you don't have to be weird about it. >> i don't have a lot to add here. >> that was enough for what we can say. >> 3-degree guarantee. nice job. 88 for the high, and i thought the high was 86, but i checked, and it spiked to 88, and that's a bull's-eye. how about that? >> 77 to 79. and then i don't see much of a for tomorrow, so 88 for tomorrow. the weather cam, 77 downtown, and that's not quite as comfortable as last night. not bad. the dew points in the low 60s, and the winds out of the south. warm tomorrow, and some afternoon storms primarily west of town, and by that, we mean along i-81. a.m. and p.m. showers and storms, and that could affect both commutes, and then hot on thursday, and we may
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alert on thursday. last week, low 90s, and if we see upper 90s on thursday that will be good enough for yellow weather alert. 60s, not quite as cool as this morning, but comfortable. 68 in gaithersburg, and 71 downtown, and 68 in manassas. by mid-morning, clouds, sprinkles, and primarily along i-81. temperatures in the 70s, and the futurecast just updated and went hog wild with the showers. most will be west to winn chester and down to larae. temperatures mid- to upper 80s, and a day below 90s is a good day for us. maybe a couple of showers for culpepper. 6:00p.m., and some of the showers could move across the southern area across i-95 tomorrow night, and then it will actually affect this one wednesday morning for the morning commute. for tonight, we are looking at temperatures, not quite as
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cool, but okay, and low temperatures, 64 to 72. clear to partly cloudy and mild winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10. 70s downtown, and 78 by 9:00, and 83 by 11:00, and 85 with partly cloudy skies by 11:00. the next 3 days, yellow weather alert. scattered storms, and the icon is in the middle. morning and afternoon storms possible, and then boom, on thursday. possible yellow weather alert. high temperature, 97. that's not the heat index. we could see the indexes 107 to 105 by then. the next 7 days, like this, and after thursday, still hot on friday. mid-90s. a couple of storms possible, and the nats are back in town on friday, and then maybe a storm on saturday, and better chance on sunday, and then monday, isolated storms, and highs near 90, so thursday could be kind of a little spike. >> yeah. >> oh my gosh. >> that forecast would be how nice it would be to
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san diego. >> 75 and sunny all the time, and there were no nationals in the home run derby, but the dmv was well represented, but another hometown hero took th
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miami's outfielder was not picked for the all star game, but there was no way stanton was going to miss the homerun derby in his own state. he toppled the reigning champion. dave winfield throwing out the first
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mark trumble leads in homers. this pushes him past corey segar. plenty of fun to be add. -- to be had. that's his arm, but it was the home run derby, so who cares! stanton is too much for the orioles outfielder. he puts on a show, and extra john carlos with his extra and final home run. that's enough to win, and down goes fraiser. stanton gets the gatorade shower. the record 61 homers, and how did he do it? >> just keep going. keeping it there, and the fan the helped me help -- the fans helped me out, and i had a blast. >> tomorrow night
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star game. the franchise record four nationals playing. strasburg opted not to play because he is just coming off an injury. daniel murray came off a big weekend terrorizing his former teammates and bryce harper. the all star game is kind of becoming old hat for harper, his fourth straight appearance, but there's plenty of reason to enjoy it. >> it's always fun to be around the best in baseball, and stju enjoying it with family and friends and always a lot of fun. >> reporter: the nationals have a 5-game lead in the division at the break, and they enjoyed their time off. this weekend, pittsburgh, and you can see friday and sunday's game here on wusa 9. it's the end of an era in the nba. tim duncspan ent all 19 years with the spurs, and the only other player to spend
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with one team was kobe bryant, 20 seasons. duncan is one of the best power forwards in the game. he was not flashy the court, but he was great. duncan led the spurs to five nba titles. >> jan was just wondering where she can get one
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five years ago, on any given night, you know, almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness. we have reduced those numbers by almost half, but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the natural partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their field, and without citi's partnership
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the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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well, a little girl from ocean city has reeled in one big fish. >> this is a chopper. emma fiddell weighs 65 pounds, and the fish she caught weighs almost 95. emma landed it a few days ago when her and her father went fishing, and it's called a cobia. it's a new state record for cobia. emma says she did have a little help from another little girl who helped her to bring it in. how about that
11:31 pm
emma says it tasted good. i hope so. she's going to have that to eat for the next 7 years. >> cobia is delicious. >> i don't think i have ever had it. >> i always caught it in florida. i thought it would be different. >> caught one like that? >> no it would have pulled me overboard. >> highs below 90 tomorrow and wednesday, but bad news, yellow weather alert for wednesday for morning and afternoon thunderstorms, and then 97 on thursday. get ready. >> prepare for that. >> that's it for wusa 9 news tonight. >> have a great night, everybody.
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>> cubs win again, what a sew son for the cubbieses, will they be lucky enough to end their 100 year championship draught? >> stephen: yes, they will. as long as i keep rubbing my lucky horseshoe, rubbing my lucky rabbit's foot and rubbing my lucky three-legged rabbit. and keep rubbing my lucky three chicago cubs. come on, fellas! it's rubbing time! whooo! whooo! we're going to do it! whooo! whooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes


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